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If your website is not mobile friendly, you could be missing out not only on traffic and potential customers, but on the future of the internet.
*There are now an estimated 2 billion mobile phones in the world and smart phones are now outselling PC.
*We develop Mobile websites for mobile devices such as iPhone / iPad, Android, Blackberry, Symbian & Windows Phone.
*Having a mobile friendly website will be a necessity rather than a nice-to-have. Get your mobile website now by clicking the button below
*Get more visitors on the go and drive 13% more audience than PC traffic.

More than 25% of mobile phone owners around the world have browsed the Internet via a mobile handset. Market research agencies are speculating that mobile web browsing might become the next dominant Internet platform. For many consumer-driven companies this means that having a mobile site version is ideal when people are accessing information on the move. SoftR Infotech offers mobile website development services that design and develop mobile websites to expand your business presence to the mobile web users. With our mobile expertise, we develop mobile compatible websites that streamline your content and deliver it to your scattered target audience easily.

At SoftR Infotech we have an experienced Mobile Website Developers, who can identify various mobile browsers and tailor the content to fit in most mobile browsers. Analysis of the existing website and identifying the most important and making it compatible for the mobile browsers are two of our key features.

Main Features of Our Mobile Design & Development Services include:
*Layout – Professional Mobile site versions, capturing important messages of your website
*Website accessibility strategies
*Falling line with stated Web standards
*Focus on usability

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